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New Year Eve 2017 Ayahuasca retreat Thailand

New Year Eve 2017 Ayahuasca retreat 

Railay Beach


Start your year with an essence of magic, beauty and healing.

Program 2017: 
30 Dec : arrivals
30 Dec: 8pm :  1st ayahuasca ceremony
31 Dec 8pm : 2nd ayahuasca ceremony 
1 Jan : rest
2 Jan: breakfast together and departures 

Accommodation in an extraordinary & beautiful house in Krabi area.

Quality promise:
* Small, intimate group of maximum 8
* Beautiful and comfortable ceremonial space and accommodation
* Interview with all the participants prior to the retreat

2 people booking together and sharing a room
USD 8,000 - last minute prices payed in last 2 weeks before the retreat 
USD 7,500  - standard prices
USD 6,900  - early bird prices for payments at least 90 days before the retreat

Single partecipants
USD 4,800 - last minute prices payed in last 2 weeks before the retreat 
USD 4,500  - standard prices
USD 4,150  - early bird prices for payments at least 90 days before the retreat

What is included in the price:
  • 2 ceremonies 
    • Day 1 soft ayahuasca preparation ceremony
    • Day 2 ayahuasca ceremony
  • guidance of a professional shaman
  • sacramental ayahuasca beverage -  dose on discretion of the shaman
  • interview prior to the retreat (via Skype)
  • adeguate food during the retreat (prepared together with the partecipants) 
  •  room with bathroom for 4 nights 

How to get there:
Flights to Bangkok and than road 10h
Flight to Pukhet and than boat 1h

Thomas White Eagle assistant - Dile
WhatsApp: +41 76.726.83.70

The context and the method:
The ceremonies are conducted in a professional, elegant and soft manner, without great traumatic moments.
Our ceremonies have been adapted by the maestro to accommodate participants for western world, from the cities, people in the near of healing and and connection with self.

The preparation is very important and should start 3 to 5 days before the retreat:
Without the suggested preparation the benefit for you could be only around 30%

Please avoid
  • salt and all foods with salt in it: white rice, pasta, bread etc
  • sugar, honey, sweatener, stenia and all its forms
  • coffee
  • ice-cream
  • pizza
  • fried foods
  • garlic, onion
  • red meat
  • alcohol
  • spicy and sour foods
  • seafood (fish is ok)
  • sex, massage, extreme  / exhausting physical exercise eg. gym, martial arts etc
  • night life, shopping centre, cementeries and other crowded places with a lot of noise and agitated and heavy energies

so what can you eat?
  • fruits (not citric ones) : salad or juice
  • vegetables : raw, boiled or done in the oven
  • fish and chicken : boiled, steamed or done in the oven 
  • herbs such as oregano and basic are ok
  • pasta and integral rice

The shaman: Thomas White Eagle

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